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Sifu Tony chan Playing Push Hands

by: Fernando Bernall

This is by far one of my favorite push hands clips. The level of skill demonstrated by Wu Style Tai chi player Master Tony Chan is inspiring to us who are entering into a stage in life where we have more past than future.

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Pretty amazing. Just when you think the heavier guy has him, he slips out and reverses. I need to watch this a couple (hundred) more times. Thanks for the great video.

Posted by Rich  on  02/21  at  10:14 AM

You are welcome, brother Rich.. Master Chan is able to “slip out and reverse” because he is “listening” to his partner’s intention and adhering to him. These are some of the qualities or jins in tai chi that makes push hands so fascinating and addicting for me.

Posted by Fernando  on  02/21  at  10:28 PM
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