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MMA Push Hands Preparation Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan of Chinese Martial Arts.

by: Fernando Bernall

In the Chinese Martial art of Chen Tai Chi Chuan, Chen Bing Shines as an upcoming and future bearer of the Chen village’ boxing system. In these videos, the student of Tai Chi will be exposed to the spiral power that is generated when the proper training methods have been incorporated into one’s practice.

While it is true, as some critics have observed, that the wrestler in the first video is not going totally for Chen Bing, the astute viewer will quickly see that Bing’s quality of power would certainly present a problem for anyone who approaches the exchange carelessly.

The second video shows more activity by the MMA player.. Enjoy!

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can’t get enough of this one. It shows the benefit of adhering to your training

Posted by richard defeo  on  04/26  at  01:31 PM

Unreal! That guy outweighs Bing by at least 100 pounds.

Posted by Danny  on  05/01  at  09:42 PM

I started doing tai chi at age 24 with the idea that it would be a good inttoducrion into martial arts. I thought of eventually ending up doing kungfu or any other more spectacular form of martial arts. After a year or so of tai chi practice, I asked my teacher which other martial art she would recommend to me. She replied with a question: What is your aim? Today 8 years have passed and here I am, still doing tai chi and leaving the more spectacular stuff to others.

Posted by Mohamad  on  06/29  at  04:41 AM
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