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Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Martial arts Basic Training at Swimming Dragon School of Kung Fu

by: Fernando Bernall

Martial arts classes are doing great here at Swimming Dragon! I’m very proud of my students. They work hard at what I have the privilege to share with them.

Our school has a great sample of the general population here in Saint Augustine, Florida. Young people, seniors, about equally divided in male/female ratio. Some students are patients who believe me when I tell them that Tai chi is the best medicine ( I gotta quit that or I’ll be out of patients); some want to improve their boxing skills, other just want to chill out. Some students have a lengthy martial arts background, have owned their own schools or are currently running one. I’m honored to have them in my school.  One thing is for sure: they all know that our classes are not a walk in the park. We work hard at what we do and many are already seeing the benefit.

Currently our tai chi class is learning loosening exercises, patting exercises and Silk Reeling Cocoon exercises. Every class ends with Zhan Zhuang or Standing Post meditation.. Some students stick around after class for some push hands or to ask questions to the senior students like Danny Stewart while I see patients. How cool is that!

The after class energy on Saturday mornings is awesome.

The night Xing Yi Quan class is equally as exciting. We are currently learning the Celestial Stem set. The set, known as Tien Kan Gong, consist of 24 exercises that gradually changes the way the student moves and uses his body. It promotes a healthy spine, strong legs, pliable trunk and relaxed arms, as well as develops martial skill. We are also working on a set of exercises from the White Crane system that helps to develop strength and power when using open hand or palm strikes. We practice a lot of push hands. As part of the Xing Yi basic training, I’m teaching a set of 8 kicks known as Mei Hua Tui. And of course, we practice San Ti! Glad to have you guys at or kwoon!

I will be offering a weekend workshop on the Celestial Stem Gong system sometime on the 5th and 6th of May.



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